I'm a DPhil student in computer science at Oxford University, where I work on algorithmic verification with James Worrell and Joel Ouaknine. I grew up in Goa, India, and studied math at IISc Bangalore.

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I'm currently thinking about discrete linear dynamical systems with perturbations. For example, see this blog post about the 2D Rotation Rounding Problem.

On the Complexity of the Escape Problem for Linear Dynamical Systems over Compact Semialgebraic Sets

The Pseudo-Skolem Problem is Decidable

How Fast Can You Escape a Compact Polytope? (STACS 2020)


Right now I'm interested in AI, especially questions in theory and alignment, neuroscience, synthetic and molecular biology, longevity research, economics - how is wealth created?, education and parenting, and design.


I edited Resistance; Tales from a Post-Antibiotic World, an anthology of short fiction themed around antibiotic resistance. While microbiologists and other scientists have been warning about the dangers of drug-resistant bacteria for years, as far as I know there haven't been significant reductions in the amount of antibiotics given to livestock, which is a major cause of resistance, and relatively easily reduced. You can buy it on Amazon.

Gaurang Sriramanan and I had some fun messing around with Wasserstein training to build robust image classifiers. (pdf link)


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